A line of materials with a natural, warm heart, where all pieces of wood are machined industrially and then finished by hand, using artisanal techniques such as brushing, serration, planing and chamfering. Tailored products that exceed the limits and standardisation of mass produced items, to guarantee unique, inimitable pieces.

Our materials are processed in an eco-friendly manner, without using toxic adhesives or colourants. The whole production cycle takes place in Italy, in the furniture district of Pesaro. This is a guarantee of quality without compromise, an added value that allows us to proudly state that we are Made in Italy.


Leaves the aesthetic, textured finish of sawn wood


To leave the lined texture that typically comes from ageing.

Cross brushing

To add a distressed look to the surface, typical of an aged piece.


To guarantee a pleasantly “undulated” texture to the wood.